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    Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) is a team of professionals committed to sharing their passion and providing insight on riding off-piste safely. HAT helps people who want to go off-piste and learn to safely enjoy the freedom and fun of the whole mountain. The HAT team does this via a wide range of services, from multi-media avalanche awareness talks and on-snow training to free email information and more on www.henrysavalanchetalk.com Henry’s blog is getoffpiste.com

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  • Get free expert advice and information from Henry, weekly snow reports and off-piste tips. Watch part 1 of our Avalanche Talk

Skiing with HAT

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    Get a sense of what it's like to ski with HAT on the

    HAT Homepage AND check out these images below! The images in this album are often simply uploaded after a day out on the mountain without commentary. For a description on a particular series of images, please check our blogs on

    getoffpiste.com on the corresponding date or send us an email for the information that you are searching for. Thank you for checking out, "Skiing with HAT"!

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